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Futurist Faith Popcorn

In South Africa, we’ve marked the first 100 days of what has become a seismic shift to the way we live.

I used to have a moonlight gig, attending fancy dos where would I quaff champagne, snack on canapes, take oodles of Instagram pics – and write a column about who I chatted to and what I saw. But these days, most of my chats are on FT, Zoom… and sometimes over my balcony.

With the seeping isolation – not helped by the nervous expeditions outdoors, armed with protective coverings and sanitiser – it is all too easy to disappear down a rabbit hole, obsessively fixated about the spread of the virus (and measures to protect ourselves).

It is in times like these, where hope is what matters more than ever. And that hope it often sprinkled with the glimmers of what tomorrow might hold.

But what really lies around the corner? And how will now affect how we get there?

I decided to reach out to the America’s – scratch that – the world’s biggest futurist, Faith Popcorn, who predicted that we would all want to shield ourselves from the outside world back in 1981, for answers.

Her concept cocooning has become such an integral part of the lexicon that you can even find it in the dictionary.

Back then, it was all about the Home Cocoon. Today we’re immersed in the Corona Cocoon – and according to Faith and her team of futurists who form part of BrainReserve, we should hold on for a bumpy ride because this phase is set to last for five long years before the Renegerative Cocoon rises.

Here’s Faith Popcorn’s Tips for Surviving A Pandemic

  1. Get back on your serotonin drugs – If you had a chemical imbalance before, I’d say you’ve really got it now,” says Faith.
  2. Keep your body fit.
  3. Start to plan the rest of your life. The uncertainty in the world today can make us all feel hopeless and demoralised. By jotting down your goals, you are providing yourself with something to look forward to – and this will likely provide you with the necessary motivation to keep positive. Faith suggests creating a daily plan for the next 365 days.
  4. Save – this is probably the biggest lesson many of us have learnt this time as we face uncertain prospects. (The standard rule is aim for a minimum of three month’s income tucked away).
  5. Use a talent you have never utilized before – who knows what path it might lead you on. In Faith case, it is realizing her life-long dream of recording a song – and the futurist says its either going to be in the rap or rock genre.
  6. Cuddle – Because, we all need to give and receive love now more than ever.
  7. Donate! And it doesn’t have to be money – volunteer at a feeding scheme, donate your skills (if you’re a plumber, you could help fix the plumbing at the nearby old age home or if you’re a writer, why not provide your skills to a local advocacy group). In Faith’s case, having recovered from COVID-19, she donated her plasma which holds antibodies which can save lives by helping those in critical care to fight the infection.

You can read all about our chat in the Sunday Times Lifestyle here.


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